The Power of Sizzle

Say what you say - JUST BETTER. 


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You've got a great book idea but will it make you rich? Duh. You want it to be SUPER successful so quit saying the money doesn't matter. It does. If your book makes better money, guess what? You get to help MORE people!


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Say It Better - Gulp.

Struggling to say who you are?

If your brand message sucks, we'll tell you. Then, we'll help you fix it. We'll tighten your copy so you get results. C'mon, you know you want it! Be the rockstar-brand-YOU. Say it like you mean it.

"Distinctify" Yourself

Do you stand out?

What results set you apart? We teach you the emotional factors in your industry that make the difference. We identify your best features and "distinctify" the heck out of them.

Be the cool kid.

Are you the "cool" kid?

"Fresh" and "relevant" are  commodities of attention. Consumers trade time and focus. If you're not bringing home the charm, you'll be the stale cereal box on the shelf. All the popular kids are relevant ones. Be "Cooler".

You've got stuff - We've got help.

  • Blog/Copy Editing
  • Social Media Management
  • Logo Design & Digital Assets
  • PR Campaigns
  • Branding - Colors - Fonts
  • Taglines - Slogans
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Ghostwriting & Book Launches
  • Media Launches


Sizzle for good.

Change the World. 

A contagious brand draws a crowd - and then crowds become movements. 

Use your voice in ways that are sustainable, generous, life-giving and profitable.Your message, story, product, service and voice can motivate large numbers of people to do the incredible BIG things.

So make some noise! 

Pricing Options

Book Coaching Options




Marketing & Messaging Coaching 

3 hours Marketing & Copy Strategy

"ACCCEE" Your Speaking Training

15 Point Brand Style Critique

Copy Editing of Marketing Materials

(3 mos Contract)

Email and Text Support

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Book Coaching



Story Strategy & Advisement

VIP Day (6 hours in person)

ACCCE Proprietary System

Trello Action Board

Motivational Speaker Trajectory

Media Consulting and Preparation

Book Wire-frame and Chapter Assessment

Monthly Accountability

Copy Editing of Marketing Materials

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Don't have time/talent to write your book? This is your ticket! 

Market Analysis & Strategy

ACCCE Proprietary System

Trello Action Board

Book Wire-frame and Chapter Assessment

*** Ghostwriting ***

Editing of Manuscript

Layout and Design of Cover

Creation of Marketing Materials

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